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How to Pause or Delete service in Voizee

At times, you might want to put Voizee services on hold for your website, whether it’s for maintenance, running a specific campaign, or any other reason. Instead of going through the process of deleting widget codes or plugins, we offer a simple solution to temporarily pause the service and easily resume it when needed. Additionally, if you ever need to completely remove a Voizee widget from your website, along with all its settings, we provide an option for that too.

How to Stop, Start, or Delete Voizee services:

  1. Login to your Voziee account
  2. Navigate to Products & Settings on the left menu bar.
  3. Select the Callback Widget menu.
  4. Click Websites on the submenu.
  5. Select the website you want to edit and select the Actions tab.
  6. Click Stop button to hide Voizee widget on a website (it will preserve all the settings, and you can click Start button to display it again).
  7. Click Delete button if you need to delete website settings and Voizee widget completely (this action can’t be reversed).

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