Setting up Voizee with Twilio Integration - Voizee - SMS Marketing, Business Texting & Calling Platform

Setting up Voizee with Twilio Integration

1. Connect your Twilio Account to Voizee:

  • Input your Twilio account credentials here
  • Choose to add a new phone number or utilize an existing one from your Twilio account here

2. Create a New Voizee Widget:

  • Perform this step only if you are planning to use a website widget.
  • Navigate to Settings / Callback Widget / Add New Widget here
  • Verify the Caller ID associated with your widget (Caller ID tab).
  • Update widget settings, schedule, and color as needed here
  • Configure Live Chat under Settings / Live Chat here
  • Embed the widget’s code into your website, whether you prefer a manual process or use the WP plugin.
  • Learn more about widget setup here

3. Virtual Phone System (VPS):

  • Activate VPS for your designated phone number here
  • Navigate to Settings / Virtual Phone System.
  • Configure your call flow according to your specific requirements.
  • Learn more about VPS setup here

4. Two-Way SMS Messaging:

  • If your phone number is US-based, perform 10DLC registration through Twilio.
  • Subsequently, enable Two-Way SMS messaging for your selected number (for US numbers, make sure to do this after registering for 10DLC).
  • Navigate to Settings / 2-Way SMS here

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